A Bird at the Window


I am sitting here looking at the one picture I have of you, Jared and Robyn and thinking about the reading I had the other day. I went to a lady to read my cards, just for the hell of it and I was feeling a little lost. She was telling me how happy you are for me and to do what I want for the wedding. She asked me if I could feel when he is around and I said no and that I wish I could. Then she says that Chris said he would make it more apparent. So while I am sitting hear crying a tiny bird starts tapping at the window, not just once, for a while till I get up and see it. I know it’s you and start telling you how much I love and miss you and how I need your advice and can you believe that I want a baby and that I want to marry Jim but then I realize that this didn’t come about till you died and how I would rather have you here now. I REALLY WISH YOU WERE HERE!! I NEED YOU! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

Thanks for tapping at my window.