A Story from Owen


This was when I was about 15. I was in the same grade at City Honors School as a mutual friend of Chris`s and mine named Amir. It was a time of transition, when girls and being cool were starting to take priority, but we still had a lingering interest in comic books, and Amir had a fantastic natural gift for drawing comics. In fact, he was quite an impressive artist. One time, Chris had a sleepover (one of several) at the Sachs residence on Highgate in Buffalo with Amir and I staying over. I woke up last and found Chris, always the prankster, already setting up his first joke of the day. Amir had been in the bathroom for an inordinate amount of time, and Chris was surreptitiously removing the pins from the hinges of the bathroom door! "Help me!", he whispered. So I obliged and the hinges were soon free of their pins. When Amir finally emerged after about half an hour on the john, he gave the now stiff door a firm nudge, ...and crashing down it came! Chris's prank had worked perfectly! Chris and I were rolling on the floor laughing, and at the end of it all, Amir just stood there still dazed in the bathroom doorway and said simply "I lost five pounds." Still brings a wild grin to my face to remember this, just one of hundreds of hilarious Chris moments.