The Movie Theatre Incident

Chris and I went to see "Snatch" I think it was on this particular occasion. Both of us laughed so hard in that movie we were getting the "looks" from others. That movie was right up his alley. Anyway, after the movie was over, we go out to the parking lot. I had drove my green Mazda 626 that night and had parked on the side of the theater where it was dark. It turns out that some pranksters decided to knife everyone's tires in the lot EXCEPT FOR MY CAR! What's worse is that in most cases that had knifed at least three of the tires, usually all four!! So we were walking around commiserating and talking with everyone. But when people started realizing our car was the only untouched car in the lot, we were becoming prime suspects! Lol, we decided to leave in a hurry after that!