The Quest for Comfortable Hall Furniture

The life of a graduate chemistry student involves many a late nights at the lab. Well Chris and I were often there together and he was my usual late night IHOP pal. The chemistry building was not known for its plentiful nor comfortable hallway furniture. After a particularly grueling set of nights, we had had enough. UTD was a unique campus in that most of the buildings on campus are connected, so that its possible to walk from one end of campus to the other without ever going outside. So we set off across campus and found some really awesome couches and chairs in the administration building about 5 buildings away. At the conclusion of our late night raid we had swapped out a half dozen of our 70's era gold and lime green couches and chairs for a nice compliment of plush leather replacements. We lived in luxury for over a month before the admin's demanded the chemistry department return their furniture. I guess the gold and green clashed with their contemporary decor too much!