Why It's Just Wrong

There are so many reasons why it is just wrong that Chris is gone. Why we have to remind ourselves that it is true, not a nightmare from which we will wake up.

  • Because he was much too young at 36.
  • Because he was too big and strong to get sick like this.
  • Because he and Robyn were so wonderfully happy together, and that has been stolen.
  • Because his little buddy Jared has lost his big buddy.
  • Because he was so strong, so gentle, so kind and giving.
  • Because he was SO funny and full of pranks and laughter.
  • Because we was SO full of life and energy and joy.
  • Because he served in Iraq and came home alive.
  • Because he was just hitting his stride, entering into the prime of life.
  • Because we all loved him so very much.
  • Because we would give anything to hug him just one more time and TELL HIM how much we love him.
  • Because he is gone.